Sidney Crosby’s Arch-Nemesis is an Appliance

By Kiran Aditham 

While hockey’s never really been our bag, we do kinda dig the “revisit your roots” vibe of this new campaign from Gotham, which promotes Reebok’s Speedwick training apparel line for the NHL. The long-form video (above) directed by Henry Alex Rubin–he of Murderball and BK’s “Whopper Freakout”fame–is an extension of the TV spot and features Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby returning to his hometown in Nova Scotia to battle a dryer as well as interview footage with his parents and coach.

Joined by teammate Maxime Talbot, the pair engage in a little 1-on-1 shootout with the goal being the dryer itself. The existing damage on the appliance, which is now in Nova Scotia’s sports hall of fame, is apparently due to Crosby’s missed goals during years of basement practice. Still looks better than the some of the ones we see in the laundromat though.


Credits after the jump…

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Agency: Gotham
Chief Creative Officer: Marty Orzio
Group Creative Director, Copywriter: Michael Jordan
Art Director: Pat Walsh
Producer: Neal Bergman

Production Company: Smuggler NY, New York

Director: Henry-Alex Rubin
Director of Photography: Darren Lew
Producer: Elizabeth Amaral
Production Supervisor: Christopher Grove

Editorial Company: PS 260 New York, NY

Editor: JJ Lask
Assistant Editor: Colin Edelman
Executive Producer: Zarina Mak
Producer: Amy Kommats