Sid Lee Tackles Fantasy Football in First Work for Yahoo

By Erik Oster 

Sid Lee launched a new “Feel The Wins” campaign promoting fantasy sports on Yahoo, its first work since winning creative duties on the account this spring.

A lighthearted spots promotes Yahoo Fantasy Football via the series of large and small wins offered by playing fantasy sports, from getting over a breakup via a trade for a tight end to grabbing the right player off the waiver wire to endless gloating about winning your league, as in “Glory Year.”

That particular spot takes a look at Tim. Tim won his fantasy football team back in 2008 and now he will never shut up about it. Ever.

The spots are all voiced by the unmistakable H. Jon Benjamin (Bob’s BurgersArcherHome MoviesDr. Katz) and the top notch voice acting does a lot to elevate the efforts. There’s the apparent disdain for Tim in the aforementioned “Glory Year” and his delivery of the name “Tico Jones-Parker-Jankovich-Jones-Parker III.”


The trio of spots, which run in 30 and 15-second iterations are a fun look at some of the particulars that appeal to fantasy sports players and leave plenty of room to explore further topics in the future (hopefully H. Jon Benjamin makes a return). Each spot concludes by reminding viewers that Yahoo Fantasy Football is the “#1 App in Fantasy” but the ads arguably don’t do much to make the argument for why fantasy players should choose the app over competitors.