Sid Lee Canada’s New Breast Cancer Campaign Puts the Focus on ‘8008135’

By Patrick Coffee Comment

The kids today do NOT get cancer.

That’s understandable given the vast amounts of misinformation available on these here interwebs.

Sid Lee Canada has addressed this urgent matter in a new campaign for Rethink Breast Cancer that drew on information taken from a survey of 800-plus young adults in the U.S. and Canada.

This ad is maybe not super flattering to the young folks.

But they’re hardly the only ones who need answers to big health questions.

For example, when we visited China in 2012 for work, young men were encouraged not to sleep near their phones for fear of damaging their fertility, and some pregnant women wear metal mesh aprons to protect their unborn children from radiation poisoning via computers and phones. Not sure if they still do that, but the point is that lots of young people around the world are looking for reliable information about their health.

And this campaign is based around a bot that answers questions about breast cancer, which is a pretty cool service given the prevalence of such conditions.

Most importantly, it allows everyone to laugh at the word “boobies.”


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