Sid Lee Adds Some Sting to Bumblebees for Dewar’s

By Jordan Teicher 

Earlier this week, we covered some Sid Lee Paris video game business. Today, we’re moving back across the Atlantic, as Sid Lee New York debuts a 3-Bee (yup, they punned 3-D) printing project for Dewar’s Highlander Honey whiskey. The technology allows for  80,000 bees to mimic their natural environment in a factory setting and create hives in custom shapes, like a Dewar’s whiskey bottle. The Ebeling Group, which produced the accompanying video, had to do their work in full beekeeper suits. That is how you commit to a project.

The 60-second video offers viewers an artsy glimpse into the totality of the 3-Bee project. The edgy tone comes from muted lighting and  background music that might as well be a leftover composition from Radiohead member Jonny Greenwood’s There Will Be Blood soundtrack. I’m not sure that this strategy would make me want to purchase a drinkable product, but the creativity involved more than makes up for it with originality. Credits after the jump.


Executive Producer/Partner: Claudia Roy

Lead Producer: Rob Marmor

Creative Director: Daniel Chandler

Art Director: Blaise Cepis

Copywriter: Laura Perlongo

Account Supervisor: Karim Tubbeh

Production Company:  The Ebeling Group

Executive Producer:  Mick Ebeling

Producers:  Amber Ventris and Martha Smith

Creative Director:  Jared Eberhardt

DP:  Larkin Seiple

BTS DP:  Aaron Farley

Editor:  Yuhei Ogawa

Editor:  Michael Porter