Shill Bill: Tarantino Takes Japan in Softbank Ad

By Kiran Aditham 

The wonderful, ever-kooky Quentin Tarantino metaverse just got a little odder with a new ad for Japanese cell phone company Softbank. Here, the Kill Bill/Pulp Fiction/Inglorious Basterds auteur with the Asian cinema affinity gets to ham it up and channel his inner samurai as Uncle Tara-chan, who joins the “White family” that’s been synonymous with Softbank ads.

Since our translator is out to lunch, we’ll go with Cnet’s explanation of the ad, which concerns Tarantino’s character creating a ruckus by bring a live dog to the fold as sort of an opposition to the family’s plastic pup named, yes, Dad. Apparently, Softbank offers a dog-shaped speaker phone, in which Uncle Tara hears his American wife barking at him to come back home. He bows and rushes out, leaving the viewer to decipher what the hell they just actually saw.

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