Shelly Lazarus Stands Alone

By SuperSpy 

The Time 100 is out of the gate. Time, per usual, spends a few editorial meetings narrowing down those headline makers, activists and scientists who have captured the nation’s attention and/or affected change in 2008. The names include the usual suspects. George Clooney, The Dalai Lama and Michael Bloomberg made it. And then there’s the names you don’t know, but who are affecting your quality of life as we speak, such as Jill Bolte Taylor and Peter Pronovost.

Beneath the banner of builders and titans, you’ll find the CEO of Pepsi, Indra Nooyi; Steve Jobs and Rupert Murdoch. Oh and there’s Jay Adelson of Digg and Mo Ibrahim, cellphone pioneer and an entrepreneurial leader in Africa.


All these people influencing other people… and no advertising folks. Not a one. Not a single person from one of the world’s most influential business sectors. This year, Time even let readers chime in on who they thought should have made the list.

And guess what? Just when we thought all hope was lost… Shelly Lazarus made it! She made it with almost 5,000 votes! Consumers, readers, real people voted her as one of the most influential. Hot damn! You know how we feel about Shelly. The lady is sick. Totes.