Shaun White’s Personal Half-Pipe is Ridics

By Matt Van Hoven 

Shaun White is an amazing athlete. He’s made a name for himself in the pro-skating and pro-snowboarding circles &#151 a feat achieved by few. Hell, only a handful of well known athletes have done well across multiple disciplines (Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, Jim Thorpe are some of the main-stream guys).

Naturally, White is a highly sought after marketing tool. To show their love, the folks at Red Bull (one of White’s many sponsors) built him a $500,000 personal half-pipe on Silverton Mountain that can only be accessed by snowmobile or helicopter. Presumably the “gift” will help him continue to be the best in the business (and thereby ensure he remains a strong marketing tool. Oh to be really good at something.


The pipe will serve as White’s training ground for the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, and probably a weekend hangout. We’re green with envy.

Denver Egotist via This Guy

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