SF MediaBistro Panel Talks “New Age of Advertising”

By Kiran Aditham 

Recently, MediaBistro corralled a panel in San Fran to discuss “The New Age of Advertising.” Five “experts” from various companies discussed the ways to create brand awareness in an era where banners, 30-second ads and CPM/CPA campaign evaluation are considered relics.

The group consisted of Organic director of strategy David Lewis, Eyeblaster director of digital advertising solutions Ross McNab, TurnHere VP of corporate development Jared Simon, Pandora senior VP of ad sales Cheryl Lucanegro and Real Girls Media director of biz dev Rebecca Weeks Watson.

Together, the panel offered five lessons on making it in the digital age that pertained to issues like earning consumer trust, sponsorships, word-of-mouth from users and attracting an audience.

Sister blog BayNewser breaks down the “New Age” panel conversation which you can read in full here.

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