SF Creatives Claim to Have Made First True Instagram Music Video, See For Yourself

By Kiran Aditham 

Perhaps they’re right, though we were a bit confused at first seeing as it’s been only a year since U.K. indie rockers The Vaccines, with the help of Anomaly London, proclaimed to have created the first crowdsourced Instagram music video. Well, take out the dreaded “c” word and you have the clip above called “Invasion” for Mexico City band, Plastics Revolution.

The video itself, which we’ve been told was shot completely in Instagram via iPhone minus “any third-party alterations,” is the brainchild of San Francisco creatives Art Perez, a CD at Swirl, and art director Brooke Baker, a Goodby/Eleven alum who’s now a freelance designer for Google. According to the parties involved with “Invasion,” every single frame of the subconscious romantic adventure told through indie-pop that you see above (why do we feel like revisiting The Science of Sleep?) was an actual picture run through Instagram. Ah, so social media really did kill the video star.


Directed by Arturo Perez, Jr.

Produced by Zak Faustfor La Blogotheque

Art Director Brooke Baker

Production Designer Hillary Andujar

Sound Designer Francois Clos

Special Effects Coco Kendel


Joel Sadler

Casey Williams