Seattle’s Best Redesign Tastes a Bit Bland

By Kiran Aditham 

Perhaps in an attempt to distinguish itself from parent company Starbucks, 40-year-old brew brand Seattle’s Best tapped local agency Creature to come up with a new logo, which if you removed the word “coffee” from, could represent anything from a cleaning product to a blood bank to the sign on a rest stop bathroom door.

Seattle’s Best’s explanation: “…We decided it was time to take everything great from our past and turn it into something bigger to share with the world. While our dedication to making premium coffee isn’t going to change, we needed a new look to match our optimistic outlook and simplified approach to great coffee experiences.:

As expected, the redesign is leaving a bitter taste with some of the brew brand’s loyalists, with commenters on the site Under Consideration saying things like, “it looks so generic and neutral, it completely detaches itself from the product that it offers.”

But perhaps what’s making some Seattle’s Best drinkers’ blood boil is that the redesign is really a byproduct of the brand’s infiltration into venues like Burger King, Subway and AMC Entertainment. Commenters on UC like “emily” say, “knowing that ‘seattle’s best’ is going to sell their product in burger king makes me never want to drink it again.” Well, at least you can’t blame them for trying to bump up distro, though the logo does leave much to be desired.

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