Seattle Bank Tells People to Fund Themselves in Humorous Campaign

By Kyle O'Brien 

Seems that everyone has a side hustle lately, and Seattle agency PB& is helping to highlight how to pay for those niche passions with a new campaign for Seattle Bank by telling them to go fund themselves.

The campaign, “Fund Yourself,” for the boutique financial institution offers consumer, business and partner banking solutions with a personal line of credit so they can make their passions a reality.

Several videos highlight the “personal” aspect of the bank’s line of credit, featuring characters who have funded their unique passions, from a software developer who funds his love of breeding really big bunnies, to an attorney who really loves making “Live, Laugh, Love” signs, and a man who buys an RV to take “the whole famdamily on the road.”


The spots end with awkwardly humorous acronyms for their unique loans, like “Brian’s Flemish Giant Breeding Facility for Furry Companions and Domesticated Bunny Buddies Line of Credit, or BFGBFFFCADBB-LOC.”

“There’s a group of people out there that feel confident and happy in their financial situation. But, they also don’t find joy in just accumulating money for ‘future use.’ They want to live through their money now, and they’ve worked hard to be able to do that,” Britt Fero, principal and founder of PB& told Adweek.

The campaign’s digital messaging leans into passions and practicalities where money shouldn’t have to stand in the way, including “Car restoration dreams, without car restoration dollars?,” “Planned a destination wedding, stuck with backyard nuptials?,” and “Man cave, she shed, ADU for the in-laws?”

Fero sees the campaign as optimistic. “So much of the financial conversation right now feels dire and negative—recessions, etc.—and all too often banks take themselves, and banking, so seriously. Finances can be serious, but we can also enjoy conversations about money. This work celebrates that. Maybe instead of waiting, we should enjoy things now. Many people have worked hard to get where they are and they should enjoy that while they’re able.”

The campaign will roll out through TV, digital, social, and owned media and will run at least six months.


Agency: PB&

Creative Directors: Casey Brewer & Micky Coyne

Executive Producer: Tara Cooke

Production Company: Art Class

Director: Cody Stokes

Editor: James Boger