Sears to Hock Clothes in ‘An American Mall’

By Matt Van Hoven 

In a move aimed at bringing teens who liked “High School Musical” into their stores, retailer Sears announced late last week plans to produce a similar piece of crap a new movie, entitled “An American Mall.” It’s a tweenie-little-film, based on a group of “young adults” who work in a mall over the summer.

ShopTalk reports via the Chicago Sun Times that the move comes amid Sears’ botched share buyback and waning support from a once virulent consumer base. Business in the first quarter of this year was…horrible. The company suffered losses in the amount of $56 million.


More on the movie:

“Scenes were shot in a Sears store and characters wear Sears clothing. Of course, extras carry Sears shopping bags in the background.

But the partnership is much deeper than just a movie musical. ‘A multi-layered integrated marketing campaign built around the movie targets the core MTV audience on-air, online and in stores &#151 in time for the back-to-school shopping season.'”

Speaking of back-to-school, Sears hopes to further entice teens with the face of teen star Vanessa Hudgens, who starred in High School Musical. And breathe.

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In May, Sears announced the launch of a clothes line that used the name of rapper LL Cool J on its label. Wait, so he didn’t design the duds? Seems not.

“In a statement, Sears said the offering reflected ‘an ongoing commitment to increase our relevance in the apparel industry’ and to sell trendy, affordable fashions. In addition to being a recording artist, LL Cool J also stars in television shows and films.

The move comes as Sears rivals have ramped up their unique clothing offerings. For example, Kohl’s Corp announced earlier this year it was partnering with rock star Avril Lavigne to launch Abbey Dawn, an apparel and jewelry collection.”