Sears, Mcgarrybowen Parody Rom-Coms in New Holiday Spot

By Bob Marshall 

Yes, romantic comedies are formulaic. Yes, everyone is aware of this. Yes, it is because everyone is a aware of this that romantic comedies are frequently the subject of parody and criticism from almost everyone. But, just because making fun of rom-coms isn’t exactly an original thought doesn’t mean Mcgarrybowen Chicago is going to shy away from resurrecting the everyone’s favorite “run-through-the-airport-for-your-true-love” trope in “Connecting Flights,” the agency’s new holiday spot for Sears.

Now, just because making fun of romantic comedies has become as formulaic as the genre itself doesn’t mean your mom isn’t going to laugh her ass off when she sees our handsome beau eat shit on a refrigerator. In fact, I would hypothesize that it’s the most ardent fans of rom-coms that are also the most ardent fans of rom-com parodies. And, admit it, you chuckled a little bit too, because people getting hurt is always comedy gold. Always.


I know many of you were hoping that Mcgarrybowen would reinvent the wheel when  it won Sears last spring, and judging by some of the comments here, you’ve been less than satisfied with the results. But, hey, this is a silly holiday ad targeting moms and the dads who love them. Can’t we all get together over a nice Christmas goose, peppermint-flavored hot chocolate, and each other’s company to watch pretty people slam into refrigerators face-first? Credits after the jump.

AGENCY: Mcgarrybowen, Chicago

CCO: Ned Crowley
Director of Production: Lisa Burke Snyder
Executive Producer: Marianne Newton
Production Coordinator: Julia Pepe
Music Producers: Marisa Wasser, Morgan Thoryk, Brandy Ricker

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Supply & Demand Integrated

Director: Matt Lenski
Founder / Managing Partner: Tim Case
President / Managing Partner: Charles Salice
Exec. Producer / Partner: Kira Carstensen
Head of Production: Alexis Kaplan
Line Producer: Rita Le Roux