Sears’ Diehard Batteries Will Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

By Jordan Teicher 

Including a narrative is usually a good way for a commercial to hook the audience with creativity, but this Y&R Midwest zombie spot for Sears actually overdoes the narrative focus to the point where the  brand association is almost negligible. We know, zombies are popular, but it seems like the creatives put more time into the character development of the actors than organically integrating the product. Somebody really enjoys The Walking Dead.

The setup: a girl and a guy running from zombies try to escape in separate cars. The guy’s car won’t start, but the girl’s car has a Diehard battery that is still kicking even after the apocalypse, which is conceptually clever. But, the 70-second running time is too long for the two-second insert shot of a Diehard battery at the very end. If the first 35 seconds of the ad were cut, the relevant story points would still be in tact. There’s also a #SurviveZombies for brand engagement, but if you want or need a reliable car battery, you probably don’t care about hashtags or zombies. Credits after jump.


CCO: Bill Cimino

CD: Pam Mufson

CD: Jeremy Smallwood

Executive Producer: Brian Smego

Producer: Deja Von Ende

Production Company: Tool

Director: Tom Routson

EPs: Brian Latt, Dustin Callif, Oliver Fuselier, Danielle Peretz

Producer: Cindy Becker

Editorial: Whitehouse Post

Editor: Matthew Wood

Executive Producer: Dan Bryant

Producer: Laurie Adrianopoli

Visual Effects: The Mill Chicago

Original Music and Music Licensing: Beta Petrol

Sound Design and Mix: Another Country

Sound mixer: Dave Gerbosi

Addtl sound design: Matt Wood