Seal, The NFL, Grey and the ‘Super Bowl Babies’ Remember When Some Football Fans Got Lucky

By Patrick Coffee 

We recently talked to a bunch of agency creative leaders about what they expect to see in Super Bowl 50 for Adweek, and one theme was nostalgia. Specifically, ECD James Robinson of The Martin Agency said clients and agencies will be looking back to the most recent era when we Made America Great…the ’90s.

Robinson referenced the recently-announced Friends reunion, and we immediately thought of two things: Seal and Bill Clinton. No, really.

Grey apparently had the same sorts of things on its mind when creating its Super Bowl promo campaign for The NFL. Get ready to hear a new take on your most/least favorite song from the summer of 1994.

In case you missed it, Grey played on the fact that both research and common sense tell us everyone gets busy when the hometown team wins the Big Game by collecting a bunch of kids conceived on or around the nights their parents’ teams prevailed in the past 49 Super Bowls. They worked with eight winning squads around the country to round up this choir, then wrote a take on Seal’s greatest hit for the occasion.


It’s both an extended sex joke and a pretty highfalutin idea.

Why Seal, though? A contact tells us Grey chose “Kiss From a Rose” because the song is romantic, it hinges on the word “baby,” and it reminds us all of whatever the hell we were doing 21+ years ago.

As NFL CMO Dawn Hudson says, “We are excited to celebrate our football families by shining the spotlight on Super Bowl Babies, those fans born into a lifelong love of their team and the game.”

For once, the lyrics are relevant. Here’s a sample:

“When there were no more jalapeno-chili-bacon chicken wings

Mommy and dad, they cuddled. Canoodled. All night. Baby.

On that night our moms and dads were so filled with desire

[filled with desire]

Here we stand, a baby choir.

[We’re all] Babies,

It all happened on the night that a Super Bowl was played, ooh

That’s why we’re here singing this sweet serenade

And now Super Bowl Fifty is here

So much reason for cheer tonight

Some of the Giants kids clearly didn’t get it, which is a good thing.

A 60-second version will air right after the third quarter on Sunday.

For the record, Seal says, “to have a song I wrote 25 years ago still be so loved is very special for me.” He might also be grateful for some positive press after serving as tabloid fodder for the past few years.

Now, how many of these kids were conceived to “Kiss From a Rose,” played on repeat in a Sony CD Walkman?! The world may never want to know.


Advertiser: NFL
Spot Title: Super Bowl Babies Choir
First Air Date: February 7, 2016
Creative Agency:  Grey NY
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