Scientology Conversion Campaign is (gasp) an Award-Winner

By Kiran Aditham 

We first reported on the Church of Scientology’s rather innocuously titled “Know Yourself-Know Life” campaign last September, and wouldn’t you know it, someone took the bait. The Aurora Awards gave Thetans of all levels reasons to celebrate by giving the ad campaign, which ran across cable networks last year, the highest score in creativity, message effectiveness and technical excellence.

Judging by the ad above, which is one of three in the campaign, the “Church” steals a bit of Tyler Durden-ology to instill the fact that you are not an identity, just a “spirit that will never die.” As far as the “message effectiveness” portion goes, according to the release, the ads were key in directing 20 million visitors to in the past 11 months. You win this round, Cruise.


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