Schematic Gets In Tight With Microsoft

By SuperSpy 

Schematic has made the cut. This morning, the WPP Digital company announced that it has been selected by Microsoft Corp. as part of its roster of 20 agency partners; a group of interactive agencies the company recommends to customers looking to implement the latest Microsoft technology solutions. Schematic was also selected by MSN and NBC to create the network’s 2008 Olympics Web video player utilizing Microsoft’s new Silverlight technology.

You know what this means, right? Naturally, Schematic executives will be speaking at the Microsoft MIX08 Conference, which kicks off today beginning today at The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino March 5 – 7, 2008.


Participating staffers include:

Jason Brush, Executive VP on the business of value design
Eric Breitbard, Sr. VP, Client Services on going mobile
Dale Herigstad, CCO is a panelist on the Touch Me: Where Are Interfaces Going? panel
Matthew Rechs, CTO on digital success

Trevor Kaufman, CEO of Schematic (pictured above), said: “We’re looking forward to some dynamic conference sessions where we can discuss the expanding world of interactive as it grows to encompass an increasing number of technologies and platforms.”

Are you attending? Will you let us know if it really is dynamic? Hey, and send us some iPhone pics, yeah? We’re gonna want proof of that.