Say Bye-Bye: The Freelancer Crunch

By SuperSpy 

The ad community is feeling the crunch. Crunch! Can you hear it? Crunch! Crunch! We’re moving into the final fiscal quarter for the year and everyone is trying to make that bottom line, look good for the Adweek Agency Reports and to their holding companies.

Some shops are laying off the full-time employees and bringing in consultants per account won. On the other hand, a couple of weeks ago, a bunch of freelancers were chopped from various shops as a way to tighten up the bottom line. WE HEAR THAT… Publicis shops Burnett and Arc Worldwide cut close to 100 freelancers. WE ALSO HEAR THAT… an agency-wide email went out asking employees to work through the weekend to make up for the loss of those freelancers.


If you’re a freelancer, head over to this site and get some advice on how to weather the financial downturn. And if you’re hiring part-time freelancers to make up for staff that was cut, head over to Adland and find out how to keep them happy.

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