SapientNitro Would Like to Direct Your Attention to Volvo

By Michael Musco 

SapientNitro launched its first Volvo advertising campaign that was shot/produced in Australia for a global audience. The campaign, which was conceived by SapientNitro’s joint executive creative directors James Burchill and Nancy Hartley, is based around the art of seduction and focuses on the Volvo C30 coupe, C70 convertible, XC60 cross-over and XC90.

The human truth I gather from this is that the instance when your either walking or driving out and about and you notice someone of the opposite sex (or same, no judging here) and that person strikes you in a way where you have to take a look and admire.

It’s somewhat more than that, though. It’s more like when you pass by each other, you share this brief connection–not how construction workers grab their crotch and yell obscenities when a beautiful woman passes. Sorry to all the women out there who have been victims of said charade.

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