Santa Clara and the El Ojo Festival Have a Message for Trump: ‘Fuck the Wall!’

By Patrick Coffee 

Have you heard that there’s a guy who wants to build a wall? And have you also heard that many in the advertising industry are less than impressed with this deep-fried human cheeto?

Most of the anti-“Guy of the Wall” work has been a little predictable (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but the upcoming International Creativity Festival El Ojo de Iberoamérica and Brazilian agency Santa Clara have a different take in a new campaign created to urge more agencies to submit their work for consideration. (The deadline is one week from today, click here.)

The wall in question is a rhetorical boundary blocking creativity by keeping “those people” away from “these people.” But it’s also a real wall that we all know will only exist in the fever dreams of people who think Alex Jones is a real fucking bright guy.

From the release:

“The International Creativity Festival El Ojo de Iberoamérica that will take place in November in Buenos Aires launched a courageous campaign for the final deadline for entries. Led by the already famed Fighting Cholita, ChinChin, the ad refers to the current threat of building a wall that separates Latin [people], diminishing the creative potential that comes with diversity. Created once more by the Brazilian agency Santa Clara, it has the direction of Adriana Montenegro, from the production house Indómita and the sound of DaHouse Audio.”

We kind of love this woman, and she makes a good point: Facebook’s founding team included many immigrants. So did Google’s. So does your agency’s creative department. But the bigger idea is that Latin people play a pretty big role in the global economy and the ad industry, so it’s a good thing to get more of them to submit their work for consideration.

Santa Clara creative director Leo Avila said:

“We were searching for something that would make the campaign explosive. Then we found the anti-latinos speech and the wall they want to build dividing Mexico from the United States. We always try for El Ojo not only to talk about advertising but we want it to be about Latin pride. So our first reason was Latin power, Latin creativity and how it transforms the world.”

Festival president Santiago Keller Sarmiento added, “With this campaign El Ojo de Iberoamérica wants to highlight the relevance of Latin talent in the world and spread it further away from its borders.”

Nice Sony Bravia campaign reference that we totally didn’t have to look up.


Agency: Santa Clara
Advertiser: LatinSpots
Product: Festival El Ojo de Iberoamérica
Title: “Fuck The Wall”
Creative VP: Fernando Campos
Creative Director: Leo Avila
Creative Team: Maso Heck, André Jardim and Leo Avila
Head of Production: Priscilla Sanches
RTV Production: Karen Nakamura
Accounts: Rafael Oliveira, Beatriz Oporto Zan and Raiza Fekete
Media: Miriane Schmidt, Leonardo Nahum, Patricia Angelis, Allan Gomes
Production House: Indómita
Direction: Adriana Montenegro
Producción Ejecutiva: Militza Bedoya
Post-Production: Indómita Andres Ortiz
Sound Production House: DaHouse
Musical Producer: Lucas Mayer
Client Responsible: Santiago Keller Sarmiento