Sandwich Pr0n: Copywriter Shares True Beauty

By Matt Van Hoven 

Jason Pickar is a copywriter who, on the side has been working on a project that we think is downright refreshing. Allow me to ‘splain.

Pickar and cousin Michael Immerman built a site called Skinny Girls, Big Sandwiches dot com. See image if you need an idea of what you’ll find there (note: there’s a bit of nipple in the first image, NSFWish).

Anyway, says Pickar, “and it was [Mike’s] idea, I made it happen and provide support with headlines, etc. Pretty much he called me up and said ‘I have this idea for a blog but have no idea how to do any of that stuff’. He told me the URL and I just said “stop right there…I get it.”

Yeah, and so do tons of other people who like to see attractive women eating giant food items. Apparently, the site gets decent traffic from links on porn sites &#151 which is sort of obvious when you consider how many fetishes folks have these days. But on the other hand, mugging is young-America’s favorite past time, a truth evidenced by Facebook’s initial success: who remembers when all you could do was post images and write on walls? This guy.

Pickar/Immerman’s site resides among the other random image sites like AwkwardFamilyPhotos, LookAtThisFuckingHipster and now, a site that appears to have copied this idea HotChicksEatingTacos. According to Pickar, the Skinny Girls came before the taco.

SGBS is a good example of how integration might work down the road. Sure, the content is a bit risque, think for a moment about the sandwich shop cross-over possibilities. PotBelly’s and Jimmy John’s already utilize irreverence in their branding and could utilize SGBS for campaigns. Apparently there’s a contest already in the works and they’d be happy to talk to any brands interested.

And as far as publicity goes, it’s a natural hit for afternoon drive conversation like Kansas City’s 96.5 The Buzz, which interviewed the pair yesterday. Flash News was the first to report on the unique pictorial site. TrendHunter picked up on it, as did WGN’s morning show in Chicago yesterday.

Oh, and that’s not a typo in the headline: Pr0n.

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