Samsung and Its Agencies Deny Sponsoring Usher’s Dick Pics

By Erik Oster 

Usher promoted the Samsung S7 with a series of “Steamin” pics from his Snapchat account howusnap, letting viewers know that the phone is “Shower Proofed.” This could really come in handy when sexting Buzz the Bee, and we’re kind of convinced there’s something going on between the two.

Samsung has worked with Usher in the past, but last night the company told Mashable that it had nothing to do with the stunt, thereby exonerating W+K, R/GA and its other agency partners.

For now we must regard the snaps–which include a mostly-covered dick pic–as an unofficial endorsement of the phone from the R&B star. (Like most things involving Snapchat, this doesn’t really make much sense.)
Some may question the judgement behind these shots, but this stunt is not the dumbest thing we’ve ever seen coming from the man directly responsible for Justin Bieber.


Still, you almost have to feel bad for his kids knowing that these images will now exist online somewhere permanently.


Your move, Apple?

Images: howusnap/Snapchat