Saatchi & Saatchi’s ‘Miraculous Hen’ Launches Andes Barley Wine

By Erik Oster 

What could be more appropriate than a beer post on a Friday afternoon?

Saatchi and Saatchi Del Campo’s new spot launching Andes Barley Wine features a most enviable bird: a hen who lays beer (specifically Andes Barley Wine) instead of eggs. Who wouldn’t want to own one of those?

First, a little terminology for the uninitiated. Barley wine is a strong, top fermented ale originating from England in the 18th century. It typically has around 8-12% alcohol by volume. Translation: This shit is strong and will get you crunk if you drink it like you would a lager. The word “wine” is meant to indicate that the ale has similar alcohol content to a wine, not that it tastes like or resembles wine.

“Miraculous Hen” was shot in Uspallata, Mendoza and directed by Agustín Alberdi. The scenic location makes an excellent backdrop for the spot, a lighthearted and humorous 1:11 devoid of dialogue. When a man finds that his chicken lays beer instead of eggs he is, predictably, very happy. He hops on his motorcycle to show an understandably skeptical friend the miracle and chases off a dog who is after the bird. Soon he’s sharing the beer with a group of friends, as there’s plenty to go around. When the bird suddenly starts laying eggs again instead of beer, the man cooks up the hen with the fresh laid eggs. It’s a simple spot that succeeds at being memorable without any dialogue whatsoever. I’ve never had barley wine before, but as someone partial to strong ales, this spot makes me want to try Andes Barley Wine. So, mission accomplished. Credits after the jump.


Client: Ab-inBev

Product: Andes Barley Wine

Campaign title: “The Miraculous Hen”

Agency: Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi

Executive Creative Director: Maxi Itzkoff / Mariano Serkin

Creative Director: Ariel Serkin / Juan Pablo Lufrano

Agency Producer: Adrian Aspani / Camilo Rojas / Lucas Delenikas

Account Director: Jaime Vidal

The Lovemarks Company

Account Executive: Manuela Sorzana

Production company: Landia

Director: Agustin Alberdi

Executive producer: Claudio Amoedo / Andy Fogwill

Producer: Luli Cordini / Tomy Amoedo

Advertiser’s Supervisors: Ricky Fernandez / Juan Zarattini / Matías Mediña