Saatchi & Saatchi New York Introduces the ‘Tecate Beer Wall’ for the Presidential Debate

By Erik Oster 

Saatchi & Saatchi New York launched a new spot for Tecate ahead of the presidential debate tonight, introducing the concept of the “Tecate Beer Wall.”

“The time has come for a wall, a tremendous wall,” the voicover begins at the beginning of the spot, as Tecate’s Black Eagle mascot soars overhead. Groups of men in Mexico and California gather, seemingly in opposition to each other. That is, until someone places a can of Tecate down on the 3-foot tall “beer wall” and the groups mingle over some cold brews.

The latest addition to the brand’s “Born Bold” campaign was shot outside of Tecate, Mexico, the border town that was the beer’s birthplace in 1955 (Tecate Light, the other beer featured in the ad, wasn’t added to the brand roster until 2007). It presents the wall, and Tecate, of course, as a means of bringing together those on both sides of the border.

“Tecate Beer Wall” will make its broadcast debut, appropriately enough, tonight on Fox News, Univision and Telemundo during coverage of the presidential debate between GOP candidate Donald Trump, whose border wall idea, subverted by the concept of the ad, has been a pillar of his campaign, and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. The spot may not be the smartest or most nuanced parody of Trump’s controversial proposal, but its timing will ensure it generates its fair share of attention tonight. The spot also marks Tecate’s first effort to expand beyond its core Hispanic audience with advertising targeting a more general market. 


“Tecate is using beer as the great unifier in developing a fun, lighthearted and clever commercial where friends from two bordering countries share a couple of Tecates over a wall,” explained Tecate vice president Felix Palau. “With this spot, Tecate is acknowledging an ongoing conversation, while raising a glass to beer’s uncanny ability to bring people together in a positive way.”

“This is a tremendous idea for Tecate. It really is the best idea. We worked with the best clients and hired the best people to work on it. Only the best. It’s terrific,” added former Saatchi & Saatchi New York CCO Jay Benjamin.