Saatchi & Saatchi L.A. Launches Its Own ‘Back to the Future’ Effort for Toyota

By Erik Oster 

Earlier this week, we wrote about Doc and Marty reuniting in Droga5’s teaser spot promoting the Toyota Mirai. Now Saatchi & Saatchi L.A. has released its own Back to the Future themed spot for Toyota, although you’d be excused for not recognizing the reference to¬†the film trilogy in “Statler Toyota 2015.”

The very eighties spot opens with Jimmy Joe Statler introducing himself and Statler Toyota. Fans of the Back to the Future trilogy may recall the name Statler and Statler Toyota from the third movie in the trilogy, which featured the character Joe Statler as a horse and buckboard salesman in 1885 Hill Valley and (a future relative) as a Toyota salesman in 1985.

“Statler Toyota 2015” takes the reference and runs with it, parodying local car dealership commercials from the eighties in the process. Like Droga5’s effort, the ad ends with a teaser for more to come, with Statler promising that Toyota will “turn the future into reality” on October 21.

While bigger Back to the Future fans will appreciate the Statler references, it may be a bit obscure¬†for others–and the ad’s eighties schtick runs thin by the end of its runtime. We have to admit though, that is kind of a catchy jingle.