Saatchi & Saatchi L.A. Keeps Things PG in Prius Teaser

By Erik Oster 

Toyota released a teaser for Saatchi & Saatchi L.A.’s big game ad promoting the revamped Prius, keeping things family friendly with the 90-second “Heck on Wheels.”

In the teaser, the agency goes the musical route, with a generic rocker delivered by an everyday 9-to-5 type guy who feels most alive when driving his “badass” Prius. That’s probably not a term you’ve heard thrown around a lot in regards to Toyota’s hybrid offering, which is pretty much the point. While the song makes reference to the vehicle’s gas mileage in the line “goes a bunch of friggin’ miles on so little gas,” delivered as the protagonist passes a gas station, driving over a puddle and splashing a burly gas-guzzler driver in the process, it also claims the Prius “corners like a bommerang” and the driver gets his share of admiring glances. The song itself is a bit painful, so we’re relieved that the actual big game spot will be a separate piece and not just a different version of “Heck on Wheels.” That spot will also be 90-seconds long and run during the two-minute warning of the second quarter. It will be accompanied by a Twitter promotion, inviting viewers to tweet using the “#GoPriusGo” hashtag for a chance to have their tweet featured in the brand’s post-game “live commercial.” While this is Toyota fifth consecutive year advertising in the Super Bowl, it is the first big game appearance for the Prius brand. Below are the full lyrics to “Heck on Wheels,” courtesy of Adweek.

Toyota Prius “Heck on Wheels”
Well, my name is Todd, and I’ve got a job workin’ for the man from 9 to 5.
But when I’m on the road, feelin’ bad and bold, it’s the only time I feel alive.
They can’t believe what their eyes have seen. Never thought a Prius could feel so badass.
It’s hybrid mayhem on the road, and goes a bunch of friggin’ miles on so little gas! It’s heck on wheels! I just don’t give a dang.
Heck on wheels!
Sorry, baby! It corners like a boomerang!
When Johnny Law is comin’ after you, but he’s not after you, so you let him through, cause Johnny Law just pass you right on by!
Yeah, this mutha-truckin’ ride is keepin’ it safe, so now I don’t spill my chai!
Heck on wheels!
Come on! Yeah!
Talkin’ ’bout heck on wheels!
Heck on wheeeeeeeeeels!
Go Prius Go!