Saatchi & Saatchi Denmark Surprises Slurpers for Coca-Cola

By Erik Oster 

Back-to-back Saatchi-related posts, you say? Truly sheer coincidence. Anyhow, if you’ve ever shelled out the price of admission to see a movie in theaters only to have the experience ruined for you by some person loudly munching popcorn or slurping their soda, or if you’ve ever been that person, then you can probably relate to Saatchi & Saatchi Denmark’s latest stunt for Coca-Cola.

In an alternative to the usual PSAs discouraging people from making noise during film screenings, the agency had a surprise in store for Copenhagen film-goers. For the stunt, the creative team made their own genre films, while also capturing an unknowing audience with a green screen and hidden camera. As patrons “arrived at the cinema and settled into their seats, a retouch artist then quickly edited them into a bespoke film that was shown on the big screen to rapturous applause.” The two genre clips, directed by Christian Eagles Borg of Duckling Copenhagen, were “Gangster,” in which, “we see an actor, who represents a member of the audience, transported into a scene where a cop is being buried alive as she casually munches on her popcorn” and the romance “Stableboy” in which Coca-Cola slurping film-goers are inserted right into the middle of a love scene.


The stunt was not exactly easy to pull off. “We have seen real people in advertising before, but not — to our knowledge — so quickly after they have been filmed, and combined with previously shot footage in this way.  It required a hell of a lot of prep to get it right on the night,” said executive creative director Jason Mendes.

You can check out the Coca-Cola slurp stunt above, and stick around for credits after the jump.



Agency: Saatchi Copenhagen

ECD:  Jason Mendes

Creatives: Regner Lotz & Jesper Isholm

Producer: Nanna Rosenstock

Account Manager: Maria Dinesen


Production Company: Duckling Copenhagen

Director: Christian Eagles Borg

Producer: Casper Rasmussen

Editor: Toke Lotz & Simon Borch

Retoucher: Filip Stanfeld

Music: Tobias Kropp & Toke Lotz