Saatchi Feeling the Hurt

By SpyWriter 

Things are not going well for Saatchi. The past couple of months have kept Saatchi’s name fresh in our minds and not for good reasons. Losses abound; there was the fake JcP ad, and client losses and major players exiting the game.

A tipster has told us that:


“The vibe is very weird now at Saatchi LA — people are secretive and quickly updating their resumes. I have spotted many puzzled looks and confusion with the triple whammy — Two Venza losses and Harvery leaving”

It is never a comfortable position to be in when the office is filled with gloom and doom. I’ve been there. But it must be particularly hard because there doesn’t appear to be a bright spot in this whole situation. It’s no secret that Saatchi has been in trouble for awhile, but this recent shitstorm appears to spell disaster for them. What’s next?