Ryan Reynolds Teams Up With ‘That Guy’ From Fyre Festival for a Minute-Long Joke About Blowing (Glass)

By Patrick Coffee 

A question: Team Gosling or Team Reynolds?

We personally feel that they each have their own talents. Deadpool was a solid film, as was Drive and The Nice Guys and Blue Valentine if you’re in a “getting very drunk by yourself on a Friday night” sort of mood.

But Gosling does not have his own brand of gin. And to our knowledge he has never written an old-fashioned advertisement.


Today Reynolds debuted the latest spot promoting Aviation Gin, in which he bought a stake last year. The release tells us that it “raises a glass to those who, much like Fyre Festival’s Andy King, are willing to go that far for the brands and people they love.”

If you’ve seen the Netflix Fyre Festival documentary, you will know what to expect: a minute-long excuse to make a joke about oral sex.

That was pretty much exactly as advertised. From Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld on the Insta today: “This spot blows!!!”

But wait, it’s actually all about Fathers Day.

This ad doubles as the launch of a limited edition bottle “for the Dads in your life who are always willing to go the extra mile.” And Reynolds and King will donate an unspecified portion of the money from said bottle to the Exuma Foundation “for those harmed by the Fyre Festival.”

On a side note, we still haven’t properly addressed the fact that Jerry Media, the viral content company notorious for stealing other people’s work, got paid to both advertise the festival AND produce the Netflix film documenting how everything went so terribly wrong. No better case study of the creator economy, really.

As a certain influencer once put it, “Without hustle, your talent will only get you so far.”

Andy King agrees.


Director, DP, Editor: Bryan Rowland
Writers: Ryan Reynolds, George Dewey
Art Director: Kelly Girth
Production Company (U.S.): Escape Velocity
Producer: Alec Eskander
Production Company (Croatia): Bunker Production
Producer: Kras Gancev