Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Hart and Two Bears Will Convince You to Drive a Hyundai

By Patrick Coffee 

T.J. Miller and Ryan Reynolds are getting a lot of work for some reason…and Super Bowl 50 ads will feature a whole lot of celebrity cameos.

The two co-star in Deadpool, and now they also appear in dual Super Bowl ads for Shock Top and Hyundai, with the former releasing its full (and completely negative) spot today and the latter showing us a bunch of teasers created by its in-house agency Innocean.

The Korean car company will have not one but two 30-second spots in the game, and the materials released so far are predictably all over the place.


The first teaser dropped Monday, and it’s kind of exciting but tells us nothing, instead raising questions like, “How could a Hyundai possibly make its way through the woods?”

The second teaser also does what a teaser should do: confuse and perplex us while kind of piquing our interest!

Since that one was titled “Ryanville,” featured a Salt-n-Pepa soundtrack and came with the still image above, we will of course assume that the actresses in question are gawking at the former Mr. Alanis Morissette as he walks a bunch of dogs that may or may not be his.

Next, we almost meet the campaign’s other celebrity star and sometime Ice Cube collaborator Kevin Hart, who will almost certainly play the proven role of a dad who warns some young bro not to try and put the moves on his daughter.

The latest teaser, which came out an hour ago, goes back to the forest chase scene.

The work will also include “three all-star directors” and two CGI bears. We will take a wild guess: the bears seem terrifying but turn out to be friendly, unlike the animal in this week’s TBWA\Paris McD’s campaign. Not sure how that will tie in to the car promo…

Innocean EVP/managing director Tim Blett, who joined the agency over the summer after working at Doner for 25 years, explained the thinking behind the campaign to our Adweek colleague today:

“[Super Bowl Sunday] is a day that you need to be out in front, and there needs to be a universal truth in your ads, and you need to give something for everyone.”

Still not clear how all those moving parts fit together, but we expect jokes about bears being scary, Ryan Reynolds being hot and Kevin Hart being angry.

It would seem that Innocean’s new creative director Eric Springer joined the agency too late to work on this campaign.