Ryan Reynolds and Richard Branson Return to Announce a New Partnership

By Kyle O'Brien 

If you’re not getting enough Ryan Reynolds in your life, you’re in luck, because the movie star, business owner and agency head is back with pal Richard Branson to expand their business relationship.

The two are joining forces again to put Reynolds’ Aviation American Gin on board Branson’s Virgin Voyages cruises. In a humorous take that looks a bit like the one that launched their partnership, when Branson tried to tame Reynolds as he tried to make a partnership into a merger, the two again converse as they sit side by side in studio.

In a 60-second spot, Branson and Reynolds announce their partnership on Virgin Voyages, then Branson notices that Reynolds seems a bit stressed. Reynolds explains that he has a lot going on, including being a business owner and father of two girls. Branson quickly corrects him by reminding him that he has three girls. That leads to Branson explaining that Reynolds should probably take a kids-free vacation on a Virgin Voyages cruise, complete with a gin drink from Aviation.


“I can’t seem to escape Ryan. He keeps following me around. Thankfully I really enjoy Aviation Gin so I was excited to bring this product to Virgin Voyages after their partnership with Virgin Atlantic,” Branson jokingly said in a statement.

Reynolds quipped back in a statement: “My childhood dream was to have a guest role on ‘The Love Boat’ alongside Vic Tayback. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I’d be successful enough to have my own gin brand score a recurring role on a ship this deliriously luxurious and child-free. Only Richard Branson could make this type of magic happen.”

When travelers on a Virgin Voyages cruise pre-purchase a bar tab, they will be able to choose from a selection of curated Aviation Gin-based cocktails on-board.