Runaway/Missing Art Director Found in LA Doing Design Work

By Matt Van Hoven 

Two years ago Nicholas Francisco, husband and father of two with a baby on the way, disappeared after leaving work. At the time he was climbing the ladder at Seattle’s Publicis in the West, where he was an art director. Though he had in fact abandoned his wife and family, they thought he had simply gone missing. Seattle’s KIROTV tracked Francisco to Los Angeles, where’s living under the alias Alex Martin and doing design work.

Due to a confidentiality clause, there isn’t much known about what motivated him to leave, though he did tell the KIRO reporter “You know, it’s sad that I can’t be a part of that, but I don’t want to be around for the rest of that. There’s a whole (expletive) ecosystem around that I don’t even care for.”


“That” was a home, which has since been foreclosed on as well as three kids who want to know why their dad left. Not to mention Francisco’s ex-wife (she has since divorced him and remarried), who has to pay for his student loans, according to the report.

Exactly who in LA is giving this guy work we haven’t been able to determine. But he goes by Alex Martin, and is apparently doing freelance design work there. Check out the video interview, here.

Anyone with information about where Martin/Francisco works can email agencyspy at gmail dot com.

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