Rumormill And A Little Help

By SuperSpy 

Our rumormill is churning with more bad news:

“Layoffs at icrossing today – across all their offices.”
“Campbell-Ewald to lay off 100+ starting tomorrow. Affected-Chevrolet Account and Creative.”

Damn it. Damn it. Damn it. Yeah, so remember that site I told you about a few days ago for laid off agency folk called, Feed The Animals? Well, it’s become a crutch for me and apparently, other recently canned folks as well. Today, the author has reached out to those in Boston:

“Why not pool our resources? Why not get together at someone’s house over coffee to exchange ideas? Why not attend a local JELLY? Why not have regular online chats? It’s not like we have jobs to go to.”

If I was in Boston and not chained to this stupid laptop, I would so be there. You know that like, the next new hot shop is going to come out of a meeting just like this.

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