RTO+P, Sprout Create Honest ‘Holiday MOMents’ for Stressed Moms

By Erik Oster 

The winter holidays are usually presented as a series of idyllic, perfect family moments. But most of us know better.

Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners teamed up with Sprout, the 24 hour preschool channel for parents and kids, to create “Holiday MOMents,” which they describe as “a site for moms to customize and share their very own moments with kids and their moms.” Read: awkward moments. The campaign was built around “consumer insight” (brought to you by Captain Obvious) showing how stressful and overwhelming the holiday season can be for moms with young children.

The site allows users to choose from a list of templates, including “Holiday Cheers and Tears,” ““’Tis the season to be messy,” “The Hostess with the MostStress,” and “Post Dinner Nap Time the New Family Tradition.” Visitors to the site then upload their imperfect holiday moment, and instantly have an honest holiday e-card on their hands. It’s a simple, fun idea tailored perfectly to Sprout’s audience. (Although I can’t help thinking fathers might feel a bit left out.)

RTO+P have also created a holiday giveaway campaign called MerryThon, which you can find on Sprout’s Facebook and Pinterest pages. The campaign, which started Wednesday and will run until December 24th, features a different prize given away every day. Also part of MerryThon is a daily craft or activity featuring one of Sprout’s popular characters. Sprout’s holiday campaign will also feature mobile and display ads. Credits and an additional “Holiday MOMent” below. 


Chief Creative Officer: Steve Red                                                         

ECD: Steve O’Connell                                                   

Creative Director: Todd Taylor

Art Director: Susan Schneider                                                   

Copywriter: Mark Garman, Kristen McManus                      

Designers: Kelsey Kovalcik, Hannah Dillon                               

Account Executives: Susan Baraczek, Doug Keith, Gillian Darr

Developers: Aaron Grando, Joe Russell, Travis Hyatt

Digital Strategists: Uri Weingarten, Catie Borzillo

Social Strategy: Annie Heckenberger
Media: Kelly Goldenberg, Kristen Meade