RPA’s Optimistic New Campaign for Honda Claims ‘Today is Pretty Great’

By Erik Oster 

More from Honda today, this time with news of RPA’s new “One More Thing to Love About Today” campaign — featuring “print, digital and TV spots, speaking to the optimism of today’s youth.”

Like Orci’s “Gol!Gol!” spot for Honda’s Hispanic campaign, “Today is Pretty Great,” the campaign’s full-length online debut, centers around an original song — in this case by blues rock band Vintage Trouble. The band begins by focusing on the negative, claiming “Yeah it’s worse than ever, but that’s just where we’re at,” before being interrupted by a young woman who answers, “Except, it’s not.” Her thoughts are soon echoed by a chorus of optimistic young people. The remainder of the spot focuses on all the things to love about today: mostly cultural references designed to appeal to Millenials, like Adventure Time and Nyan Cat (which, strictly speaking, is more 2011 than today). Around halfway through the spot, Vintage Trouble change their tune, seemingly convinced by the unbridled optimism of the chorus of young whippersnappers. The 2014 Civic Coupe and Si Coupe are featured throughout the ad, which ends with the hashtag #LoveToday, designed to draw Millenials into the conversation.


A 30 second TV spot debuts today on network and cable television and will run through February. Appropriately, the campaign is complemented by mobile and social media endeavors, such as “sole sponsorship of a first-to-market digital scrapbook on…Spotify,” offering full-song previews on SoundHound, “sole ownership of MTV’s Artist to Watch 2014 program, featuring a live digital stream of the Artist to Watch concert,” homepage takeovers on MSN and Yahoo, and mobile placements in popular games like Scramble With Friends and MoviePop. Stay tuned for the 30 second TV spot and credits after the jump.Credits:

Agency: RPA
EVP, Chief Creative Officer: Joe Barratelli
SVP, Executive Creative Director: Jason Sperling
SVP, Chief Production Officer: Gary Paticoff
VP, Creative Director: Chuck Blackwell
VP, Creative Director: Ken Pappanduros
Creative Director: Gage Clegg
Creative Director: Becca Morton
VP, Executive Producer: Isadora Chesler
Senior Producer: Jack Epsteen

Production Company: Rabbit Content
Director: +jacksonkarinja

Editorial: Lost Planet
Editor: Hank Corwin (:30s) / Federico Brusilovsky (Long Form)
Music: HUM
Artist: Vintage Trouble

First insertion date: January 20, 2014

Agency: RPA
EVP, CCO: Joe Baratelli
SVP, ECD: Jason Sperling
CDs: Gage Clegg, Becca Morton
Art Director: Michael Enriquez
Retoucher: Peter Modaffari
Art Buyers: Ginnie Assenza, Jessica Maxwell
Production Manager: Renato Quilalang