RPA Stages Weezer Singalong for Honda Pilot

By Erik Oster 

RPA launched a campaign for the new 2016 Honda Pilot with two new broadcast spots which position the vehicle as “Ready for Anything.”

The 30-second “The Incredible Pilot Elite” presents “a demonstration in adaptability” with a mix of practical and CGI effects demonstrating the vehicle’s features. A second, 60-second spot directed by Jason Reitman (Juno, Up in the Air), shows a family on a road trip. One of the children starts singing the opening lines to the classic Weezer song “Buddy Holly” and soon the rest of the family joins in for a full singalong, passing by another family who laughs at them right after they get to the line “I don’t care what they say about us anyway.” It’s an unlikely scenario, to say the least, briefly showing off the vehicles spaciousness while undoubtedly getting the song stuck in viewers heads.

Broadcast spots will be slotted for cable, late night and early morning, and will run on CBS NFL, ESPN NCAA Football and ABC/ESPN NBA in the fall. They will also run on online channels including YouTube and Yahoo and through digital partnerships with Amazon, IMDB, TripAdvisor, Pinterest and Xbox. The campaign also includes a print component, which will run in publications including MotorTrend, Road & Track and Autoweek.