RPA Reshapes Your Face in New Honda Campaign

By Patrick Coffee 

Honda’s new HR-V came about thanks to an extended trial-and-error process, and RPA emphasizes that fact in its new campaign.

The work, which so far consists of two TV spots, plays on the idea that the new models are a mishmash of ideas that come as close as possible to “[getting] everything just right.”

Here’s “Give and Take,” which illustrates its titular concept via a Photoshop-esque remodeling of actors’ faces:


We do like the leading lady’s Madonna-worthy gap there at the end to remind us that nothing’s perfect…not even an economy SUV.

The next ad, “Great Thinking Inside,” dispenses with the faces metaphor and gives us an illustration of the many models that eventually merged to form the HR-V:

The release tells us that the campaign was created to appeal to Honda fans’ sense of nostalgia by demonstrating the process via the power of CG illustrated in “Russian-nested-doll fashion” to create the newest, shiniest version of the car you’ve known and loved, etc. It’s like Transformers without the fun.

The campaign’s print ads also play off the change theme, using a classic Mad magazine-style fold-in to demonstrate the new models’ “versatility.”

Honda HRVprint1280x

In addition to the work posted here, Honda will also “[sponsor] the brand new Amazon 3D printing store,” “[collaborate] with Thrillist on a Culinary Road Trip event,” work on “the National Geographic Wanderlust Instagram contest” and, most importantly, run “a personalized interactive post on Buzzfeed.”


Title: “Great Thinking Inside” :60 and “Give and Take” :50
First air: June 8, 2015
Client: American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Agency: RPA
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