RPA Documents the Restoration of the First Honda Sold in the U.S.

By Erik Oster 

RPA launched a new online spot for Honda, documenting the restoration of the Honda N600 Serial One, or the first Honda ever introduced to the American market in 1967.

The car was purchased by Tim Mings, a mechanic who specializes in restoring Honda N600s and Z600s. Mings proudly proclaims to be “the only full-time Honda 600 mechanic in the world.” When Mings bought the vehicle sight-unseen he had no idea it was the Serial One, but when he began work on it and found the serial number, the historical significance was not lost on him. He refers to the car as “probably the most important thing I’ll ever known” and loving works to restore it. It all makes for a nice look  at an important piece of the brand’s history that should excite Honda fanboys and fans of vintage cars alike. Even for the casual viewer, the 1:45 spot makes for entertaining viewing, aided by Mings’ cat and distinctive beard. The video is hosted on Honda’s social channels and will be followed by future installments checking up on Mings’ progress restoring the vehicle, until it is finally restored to its former glory.

Client: Honda
Agency: RPA
EVP, Chief Creative Officer: Joe Baratelli
SVP, Executive Creative Director: Jason Sperling
VP, Creative Director, Social Media: J Barbush
Sr. Art Director: Evan Boswell
Art Director: Craig Nelson
Copywriter: David Bassine
SVP, Chief Production Officer: Gary Paticoff
VP, Executive Producer: Isadora Chesler
VP, Director of Digital Production: Dave Brezinski
Executive Digital Producer: Linda Kim
Sr. Digital Producer: Annie Hough