RP&, Acura Get Weird with the Holidays

By Bob Marshall 

It might be odd to see venerable luxury car company Acura advertising savings these holiday season. But, agency RP& is doing that, in a strange and actually pretty funny fashion.

Seven holiday spots from RP& for Acura are being used this holiday season, all directed by Chelsea Pictures’ Rick LeMoine. As the ads state, Christmas gifts can lean toward overindulgence and overspending, or lead to simplicity. If you’re like me, the perfect gift can mean heading to the suburbs to find the last remaining copy of Mark Twain’s autobiography because the entire city sold out weeks ago (oops). Or, if you’re just in the market for a simple luxury car (ha), you can by an Acura during the “Season of Reason.”


So next time you scoff at your friend for “reasonably” buying an Acura this holiday, remember, people won’t carpool with you because you “reasonably” bought a Toyota hybrid last holiday season.

Another spot and credits after the jump.

Acura – Excess – Chestnut Roaster from Arcade on Vimeo.

Agency: RP&
Executive Creative Director: John Hage
Head of Art: Phillip Squier
Art Director: Stan Toyama
Copywriter: Rich Siegel
Senior agency producer: Carolyn Casey
Executive Producer: Jack Epsteen

Production Company: Chelsea Pictures
Director: Rick LeMoine
Executive Producer: Alison Amon
Line Producer: Melinda Nugent
Director of Photography: Manel Ruiz
Production Designer: Michael Broaddus

Editorial: Arcade Edit
Editor: Paul Martinez
Producer:Ali Reed
Asst. editor: Andy Trecki

Telecine: Mark Gethin, MPC
On-line/VFX: Mark Holden

Music: Hum
Executive Producer: Debbi Landon
Composer: Keith Horn
Creative Director: Alex Kemp

Mix: Bob Gremore & Bruce Bueckert, Juice Studios