Rosario Dawson Meets The Dingy World Of The CMO

By SuperSpy 

Omnicom can’t stop. Won’t stop. The latest news is that the company has teamed up with a newly created NBC Universal production unit to create programs around sponsors’ products. It’s like Honeyshed, but with air of pretension. This is straight up selling. Forget the cool kids, let’s make some money!

NBC Universal Digital Studio will work with a division of Omnicom Group Digital to create web specific shows that allows advertisers to get in early and have some say in how their products will be featured. For an example, there’s the Rosario Dawson (so hot) project titled Gemini Division, which comes with sponsors Intel, Microsoft, UPS and Acura TSX. Dawson is not only the star, but a producer. The Hollywood Reporter is saying, naturally, the web version is really just a test to see if the program can fly in prime time.


Omnicom Media Group Digital chief executive Matt Spiegel said that this new method of creating shows is:

“a unique way of giving brands a seat at the table with writers and producers in developing episodic programming that ties directly to brand needs.”

Bravo to NBC for figuring out to be more flexible with content generation, as well as delivery methods, but um… doesn’t that sound awful? The part where CMOs are getting in on the creative level? Oh. Oh. So, bad. You deal with these guys all the time. Good idea machines? Not so much. Wishy washy, knock-kneed, consumer fearing blowhards? Hell, yes.