Rokkan Launches Puppy Drone Delivery for HSUS

By Erik Oster 

Rokkan launched an unusual effort for The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) with a video purporting to introduce “Same Day Pups: Puppy Drone Delivery.”

The video shows two children begging their parents for a puppy, who then order one through a mobile app promising same day delivery via drone. A puppy is then lifted via drone and flown to the family, who tracks the order on the mobile app. The hoax video is designed to deliver the message that “A Puppy Is Not A Product,” part of a national campaign to raise awareness of the horrors of puppy mills. Rokkan and HSUS released the video anonymously last week, along with an unbranded landing page. Some people understood  the message right away, others were frightened. Yesterday, HSUS revealed itself as the organization behind the video and unveiled its A Puppy Is Not A Product page, where visitors can learn more about the initiative. We assume no puppies were harmed during the making of the video.



Agency: Rokkan
Managing Partner / CCO: Charles Bae
Creative Director : Bill Carlson
Creative Director: Billy Veasey
Art Director: Steffany Wilson
Account Director: Kim Svarney
Senior Account Executive: Diana Friedman
Executive Producer: Melissa Jarosz Lauprete
Senior Producer : Ella Gray
SVP, Strategy: Sean Miller
VP, Media & Analytics: Lindsay Williams
Senior Strategist: Sarah Cicuto
Associate Strategist: Mikel McCavana
Associate Strategist: Meg Konigsburg
EVP, CTO: James Blackwelder
Senior Developer: Dusan Milko
Developer: Janice Lam
Developer: John Reposa
Developer: Laura DiPiazza

Director: Lorenzo Fonda
Production Company: Ghost Robot
Post Production: Post Millennium
Music: COPILOT Music + Sound