Rokkan, Coca-Cola and JetBlue Have Faith in Humanity

By Patrick Coffee 

Rokkan, which JetBlue chose as its AOR back in 2011 before the shop was acquired by Publicis Groupe, released a stunt ad for its largest client with some promotional assistance from one Coca-Cola this week.

Here’s how it went down: the partners set up a vending machine in the bowels of New York’s Penn Station, otherwise known as the place where every Tri-State commuter’s soul goes to die.

Consumers who chose to become silent “brand advocates” by frequenting said machine got a surprise: instead of a single carbonated sugar water, they got two. What happened next would surprise them!

The narrative in this dialogue-free spot isn’t completely clear, but those who chose to give their extra bottles to strangers were rewarded with two free tickets to anywhere in the continental United States via JetBlue–as well as a round with the old selfie stick.

According to the narrative pushed by the client to various pubs, the machine gave out 300 bottles and “70% of people gave that second bottle to a stranger.”

This isn’t the first ad promising to improve our relatively negative view of humanity. We feel like the results are encouraging despite the fact that these people were surrounded by cameras, selfie-takers and signs urging them to share the syrupy¬†bounty they had just purchased.

Now how many of these generous parties happen to work in advertising?