Robert Downey Jr. Delivers Bionic Arm for POSSIBLE, The Collective Project

By Erik Oster 

POSSIBLE worked with Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. for a video in which he delivers a bionic arm (designed to look like it’s out of Iron Man) designed by Collective Project student Albert Manero.

Manero (the real hero here) started Limbitless (part of Microsoft’s The Collective Project) a company who designs prosthetics, and provided the arm free of charge to the family of seven-year-old Alex. Alex is initially star-struck to see Downey Jr., but the commendable actor has a way of calming him down and soon the two are bonding. One of the most touching moments comes when Alex puts his child-size Iron Man hand in Downey Jr.’s.


The spot ends with a brief nod to Microsoft’s project management software OneNote. It’s easy to miss, especially after the emotional scene preceding it, but that actually helps keep it from detracting from the good will generated by The Collective Project and makes the ad seem less manipulative. The video was uploaded yesterday and already has over three million views on YouTube. Somewhat lost in the shuffle is another fine ad from POSSIBLE (featured below), minus the star power, which takes a closer look at The Collective Project.