Rob Quish Isn’t Lonely at the Top

By Matt Van Hoven 

Less than two weeks ago we told you about JWT Inside’s alleged shrinkage. The chilly pool, in this case, being the appointment of Rob Quish as CEO of JWT Specialized Communications and the shrinkage, of course, following as a result of alleged satellite office closings (creative department layoffs, etc.).

In that report, we mentioned Quish was soon to speak to the entire company via a “Global Agency Webcast,” which we believe was planned only after we first broke the news about the agency’s lack of communication. A person close to the situation informs us that the webcast has occurred.

We haven’t seen it for ourselves, but one of our spies shared some of what Quish had to say. Check out the remarks, after the jump.


“He said things like ‘for some reason, the smart people leave’ in tough times. Things will get worse in 2009 &#151 no raises, harder work, etc. Apparently it was not exactly a pep talk. The best I heard was that he said something like ‘people say it’s lonely at the top, but Im not lonely.’ What a doofus. He really ticked off a lot of people and, yes, more smart people are resigning, even without other jobs…There are some fabulous folks still there, so great pickins for other agencies.”