RNC Launches Obama’s Chicago Network Website

By Bob Marshall 

Thanks to the Republican National Committee’s focused, rational viral campaigns, most of America can now blame a good portion of the BP oil spill on our president. But, did you know that Barack Obama is attempting to run Washington like he and his evil cronies ran that skid-mark of a city Chicago before the election? Now you do.

Obama’s Chicago Network resembles NBC in more ways than the obvious bolded Helvetica marketing style. It also copies the network’s love of puns and use of silly graphics to derive cheap laughs from its audience. The site also features a pledge drive, allowing you the viewer the opportunity to donate to the anti-Chicago cause. Other RNC web campaigns like firenancipelosi.com were able to raise about $1.5 million for the GOP, and this site is sure to bring in near that amount.


So come on, won’t you? Let’s make YouTube vidoes comparing President Obama to Mayor Daley and Rahm Emanuel to Rod Blagojevich. If the Republicans can figure out Final Cut Pro, so can we.

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