Riney Cuts Staff

By Kiran Aditham 

The loss of the U.S. Cellular business to Mullen a couple of months ago is finally having its effect on San Francisco’s Publicis & Hal Riney, which announced staff cuts today. Here’s a statement from an agency spokesperson:

“Yes, today we formally announced our restructuring plan to our staff. Riney has been upfront with our people, letting them know the agency would be restructuring driven by the US Cellular loss. We’ve approached this with transparency, openness and caring, working with staff to find new positions, both at other agencies and within the Publicis Groupe network. The heart and soul of Riney remain. We’re committed to renewing the Riney brand and telling persuasive new stories for a new generation of clients.”

We weren’t able to get actual numbers (though we’re hearing anywhere from 25-40) but from what sources familiar with the matter tell us, all departments at all levels have been affected by Riney’s decision.