Richard Branson Wants You to Fix the War on Drugs

By Jordan Teicher 

We’ve covered a few of the Young Glory briefs from previous months, like when Jim Riswold wrote, “Islam has an image problem…fix it…with a poster,” and now that it’s March, we’re back with highlighting another impossible task for young creatives to tackle. Courtesy of Sir Richard Branson, Sid Lee, and C2-MTL, this month’s theme is the failed war on drugs.

Project Boot Camp has two categories for students and young professionals, respectively. The contestants submit their ideas online and can win small prizes and travel packages that aren’t worthy of someone who is trying to solve the global drug crisis. If a contestant came up with a serious idea capable of stopping drug violence, he/she should be given a bit more than a trip to Montreal. (He/she also would’ve done something that nobody in the American government has ever accomplished, so extra kudos to that person…)

Once the winners are chosen, Sid Lee, led by its Montreal co-CD/partner, Eva Van Den Bulcke, will take the original ideas and try to create a campaign that puts the war on drugs on the social agenda. I think this whole contest is supposed to be noble, and deep down it might be, but it also reeks of self-importance and futility. This month, war on drugs. Next month, we should create a poster that ends racism. Ready…go!


After the jump, you can watch a C2-MTL promotional video. Hint: The people who solve the war on drugs get to go here for free.

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