R/GA, Samsung Totally Get You, Fellow Young People

By Erik Oster 

“Everyone wonders why we do what we do,” opens the sardonically-toned voiceover for R/GA’s “Why?” for Samsung’s new Galaxy A, over footage of a man being lifted by a strange, drone-powered flying machine. Of course, ad agencies wonder this more than anyone, but R/GA (and Samsung) would prefer you don’t think about that.

Because the point of the spot is that millenials don’t care if you understand them (or if they even understand themselves) and Samsung totally gets that, you know? The 60-second ad goes on to ask why we take so many pics of food, share private moments on social media and laugh at ridiculous videos on YouTube. In other words, Samsung comes across as that out-of-touch relative at the holiday table who uses a lot of buzzwords and references while trying way too hard to prove they understand the kids these days. The attempt at seeming hip (without, you know, actually addressing why audiences should care about the new product) would maybe be a bit more excusable if it didn’t conclude with a painful, forehead-slapping non-answer to all the questions it poses. Adweek compared the spot to the “How do you do fellow kids?” scene in 30 Rock, and it’s the first thing I thought of after viewing it as well. Somehow I don’t think that’s quite the response R/GA and Samsung were hoping for. 


Client: Samsung
Product: A Series
Spot: “Why?”
Director Sonia Chang
Senior Manager Yeji Kim
Manager Bokyung Chang
Assisant Manager Woongki Kim
Associate Yoonkyung Choi


RGA: TV (International)
Executive Creative Director: Jay Zasa
Creative Director: Martin Insua
Creative Director: Ezequiel Soules
Director Film Production: Kat Friis
Film Producer: Michael Glennon
Executive Producer: Lisa Greenleaf
SVP Managing Director: Robin Forbes
Account Director: Elizabeth Bourke
Group Planning Lead: Dennis Claus
Planner: Allie Walker
Director Business Affairs: Stephen Bernstein
Manager Business Affairs: Mister Brumfield

TV– Partners

Production Company – Tool
Director – John X Carey
Cinematographer – Matthias Koenigswieser
Line Producer – Leslie Owen

Post Production – Cut + Run
Editor – Gary Knight

Audio Post – Mister Bronx
Engineer – David Wolfe