R/GA: No Money, Mo Problems

By Matt Van Hoven 

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R/GA CEO Bob Greenberg issued the kind of e-mail no one who’s been doing a “good job” lately wants to receive. Yes, we’re speaking of the, “So, you’re not getting a raise, company. It’s the economy’s fault.” Cue e-mail;

“Dear All: I am writing to confirm that given the current market conditions, R/GA will have to postpone our normal companywide July salary increases. We will continue to re-assess the situation as the business environment changes; and I will communicate further with all of you, at the earliest possible time. My best, Bob Robert M. Greenberg Chairman, CEO, Global Chief Creative Officer.”


Yeah, we’re a-holes for making light of this kind of thing. But you know, if R/GA wasn’t so well known for promoting white kids who maybe weren’t ready for that Sr. level spot, they’d have some flow for the folks who actually deserve the raise. Just sayin.

Someone at R/GA has a confirmed case of swine flu.

Update 2: Apparently everyone on the infected person’s floor is leaving the building. What’s worse, we hear the person’s manager told him/her not to mention the illness to anyone. Well, people found out and a source tells us, “PEOPLE ARE FLEEING…Yeah, apparently [that] floor is hysterical right now.” We hope everyone is OK. Go home.

Remember that time they had their first layoff ever?