R/GA London’s Head of Planning Opts for Transparency

By Kiran Aditham 

Now that he’s passed his “probationary period” at R/GA London, Russell Davies, an O&M alum who assumed the head of planning post at the former agency in June, appears to be feeling liberated enough to blog about his work and experiences. Considering how protective most agencies seem about staffers sharing any sort of insider viewpoint outside of the normal PR spin cycle (hell, some have even taken preemptive strikes before an employee officially starts), we have to give it up to Davies for wanting to “share more” on his longtime blog.

Whether the higher-ups at R/GA will start feeling nervous is another story to be told, but in his first post-probation post, Davies describes life inside the London office, which from the looks of it, is overwhelmingly positive (why do have a feeling this tone will rarely deviate?). You can breathe a sight of relief for now, R/GA. Here’s a quick snippet below:

And, in the spirit of the first pledge. How is R/GA?


Well, it’s good. Due to aforsaid personal circumstances I’ve not engaged as much as I should have and I’ve not actually done that much I can talk about, but I’ve noticed the following things:

1. It’s tremendous to be in a business with such a deep understanding of technology. It’s a company that builds stuff rather than commissions stuff – that’s a big and exciting change for me.

2. Everyone’s nice. Everyone’s smart. Everyone’s younger than me. (This is simultaneously depressing and energising. It also gives the place an ‘evening culture’ which doesn’t quiet fit with my earlyness agenda but I suppose that’ll get smoothed out.)

3. We have a small but rather special planning department who I’m really enjoying getting to know.

You can read the rest of Davies’ post here.